Our Bilingual and International IB programmes are unique, as we are the only IB school in Stockholm with both Swedish-speaking and English-speaking programmes.

Admissions for 2018/2019
Vacancies currently available for:
MYP 3 English, MYP 4 Bilingual, MYP 4 English
for the 2018/2019 academic year.


Primary Years Programme
Our International IB programmes offer an international curriculum within the framework of the IB Primary Years and Middle Years programmes, (PYP and MYP). Vasa International School of Stockholm is IB-certified for PYP, and is currently a MYP candidate school.

Middle Years Programme
Our bilingual, (English and Swedish), programmes are based on the IB Primary Years and Middle Years, (PYP and MYP), programmes, while also following the Swedish National Curriculum. These courses are taught in English and Swedish, providing an invaluable opportunity for pupils to learn in a bilingual context.